Research and Clinical Trial Support

Extensive Research Products and Services

Vitalant is committed to advancing blood safety worldwide by providing blood research support through its Vitalant Research Institute. The Institute supports blood transfusion medicine and translational research and offers clinical trial support through its cell sourcing products and services. Our Coagulation Lab can provide research and clinical trial support as well.  

We can provide research grade and pharmaceutical blood and blood components such as leukopaks, plasma and red blood cell customized to your needs, as well as testing, processing and screening for research products used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We also offer cord blood processing and storage through Vitalant Cord Blood Services.

The Institute has collaborated on groundbreaking research with various universities, industry partners and agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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Cell Sourcing

Whether you’re an independent researcher, academic based or engaged in biotech or pharmaceutical research, Vitalant can provide blood derived products and services to meet your needs.

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Vitalant Research Institute

The world-renowned Vitalant Research Institute has been engaged in crucial research for more than 50 years. Explore our research support, education and training offerings and core services in cell therapy, epidemiology, immunology, molecular biology, virology and tissue culture.

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Cord Blood

Vitalant makes a variety of high-quality cord blood stem cell products* from its laboratory available for research purposes, to medical professionals with proof of peer-reviewed research. 

Vitalant’s research products are derived from donated umbilical cord blood units that do not qualify for public banking, placental tissue, and/or by-products that would otherwise be discarded. Vitalant does not release samples for use in research involving embryonic stem cells.

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Coagulation Laboratory Testing

Vitalant’s Coagulation Laboratory is committed to research on blood-related diseases including coagulopathies and infectious disease. Testing on non-human specimens is also available. Research projects may be considered for special pricing.

The Coagulation Laboratory clinical team members also work extensively with industry investigators and have broad experience in clinical trials, including:

  • Pharmaceutical drug evaluation.
  • Animal model funded research.
  • Manufacturer assay development studies.

For more information on research and development in the Coagulation Laboratory, or to inquire about performing a research project using our services, please Contact Us.

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